The Dirty Dozen

Movie: The Dirty Dozen

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Dirty Dozen, Blu-ray edition

What was it about 1960’s movies about WW II? They had it all. Action, heroic characters, even actors who actually served in WWII!

For those who like behind-the-lines action movies, The Dirty Dozen is a classic. 12 military men convicted of crimes that will send many of them to the gallows are recruited by a maverick major who must train them to attack a French chateau in Nazi-occupied France and — you guessed it — kill Nazi brass. If they fail or screw up, they return to a date with the hangman.

The movie people jumped the shark when they came out with sequel, but don’t bother with it. Get this original and enjoy the action.

For those wishing to create their own missions in Ashes of Isar, The Dirty Dozen provides plenty of inspiration. There are many opportunities to create challenging missions that entail the planning and execution of raids against houses, chateaus, and other buildings containing lots of enemy VIPs.

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